Friday, February 20, 2009

Water Festival

IMG_4163, originally uploaded by yellojkt.

The Dai dancing show at the Ethnic Minorities Park in Beijing ends with a recreation of a water festival similar to those performed in Thailand. All the performers chase each other around splashing each other with buckets of water. It looks like great fun for hot summer days.

Leaf Whistling

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One of the segments of the Dai dancing show is demonstrating the use of a leaf as a whistle. This type of music was also featured by other groups in the Ethnic Minorities Park in Beijing.

Tiny Dancer

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At the Ethnic Minorities Park in Beijing, one of the dance troupes performs dances very similar to those done in Thailand in front of a large replica of a Buddhist temple similar to those found in that region.

Thai-Style Dancers

The Ethnic Minorities Park in Beijing features native costumes, culture, and dances of the various non-Han groups that live within China. This group, the Dai, are from the southern region of China near the border with Thailand. The costumes and dancing style closely resemble that of their neighbor to the south.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Tang Dynasty Fashions

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The Olympics Opening Cermonies featured historical costumes like those dosplayed in this pageant at the Tang Paradise Park in Xian.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Drum Tower

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One of the many minor historic buildings in Beijing is the Drum Tower. This temple like building north of the Forbidden City was used as the official time keeper for the city.

Large drums are kept at the top of the tower which is only accessible by a tall steep narrow set of stairs.

Within the room is a single original drum that is no longer usable. The other drums have all been restored. Every hour drummers in historic dress perform on the drums.The drums are about four feet in diameter and ten feet long. The drummers need to stand on a platform to reach the drumheads.

The tower also has on display historic time keeping pieces once owned by the royalty. Outside the drum room is a observation deck that goes around the entire tower.

The Drum Tower was the sight of an attack on two Americans and their tour guide during the Olympics. The assailant killed one American and then jumped to his death.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Linear Parks

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This linear park is sandwiched between a hutong neighborhood and Ring Road 1 on the north side of Beijing. While in it, you almost don't realize you are in very urban area. It is very popular with walkers and exercisers. Beijing has done a very good job of incorporating green spaces into very small urban areas.