Thursday, July 5, 2007

Introduction and Overview

Back in 2005, my family visited Vietnam and I kept a blog about that trip using the pictures and video I took while there. This year (2007) we went to China for twelve days as part of a student exchange program and I returned with even more pictures and video. This blog will chronicle the trip in photos and the occasional video clip. I hope to keep the posts short and frequent. When I have several pictures on one topic I may post several related items all at once.

All the photos used were taken between June 23rd and July 3rd of 2007 and are my intellectual property unless noted otherwise. Many pictures include images of random strangers taken in public locations. I do not have model releases for any of these people and I have no way to contact them if I was so inclined. While I encourage anyone to link to the blog or to individual posts, please refrain from deep linking to the images or using them elsewhere without my permission. Each photo is linked back to Flickr as required by their terms of service and often other related pictures can be found there as well.

Comments are welcome on any post at anytime. I reserve the right to delete any offensive or blatantly commercial comments. While a particular item may not be current, I do get forwarded the comments by e-mail, so this is the best way to contact me. I purposely do not include my e-mail on any portion of the blog to avoid excessive spam, but clever people have usually found a way to get a hold of me privately if necessary.

I hope that this blog can share just a bit of the many experiences and sights I enjoyed while in China.

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Flyboy said...

Hi we are looking forward to see and reading all about your trip.
Cheers, Flyboy