Sunday, July 15, 2007

Wall of Starbucks

IMG_3313, originally uploaded by yellojkt.

At the base of the Wall, there are several restaurants that cater to the tourist trade. And one coffee shop that caters to Americans needing a strong dose of caffeine. The peak of the Great Wall is barely visible in the upper left corner of this photo.

Over the years, the Chinese have become a little more sensitive to over-commercialization of the cultural relics, particularly when it comes to foreign franchises. KFC was kicked out of Bei Hai Park and Starbucks has decided to relinquish their lease inside the Forbidden City.

Still, I doubt this Starbucks will be going anywhere soon.

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Elizabeth said...

It scares me how happy I am that Starbucks is in China!
I've been concerned about how I'd get my coffee!